Dailymag specializes in the fabrication of sharps containers.

Dailymag Sharps Containers



Dailymag is China’s leading manufacturer and exporter of sharps containers and Sharps Boxes.
Utilizing advanced production equipment and a rigid quality control system, we provide five different series of sharps containers, totaling hundreds of models. We take great pride in the fact that our products protect both workers and the general public from unnecessary injury or possible infectious disease transmission.

Of more than 150 thousands Alibaba China Gold suppliers, Our CEO Charles was the sole owner asked to personally witness the IPO at the NYSE.


  • Strong Design Ability
  • 7 Series of Models
  • Stable Quality
  • Reasonable Price
  • Responsibility
  • Free Samples Available
  • On-line 24 Hours
  • NO MOQ

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Pocket sharps container
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F Series Sharps Container
F SERIES sharps container注册送pt老虎机88
Y Series Sharps Container
Y SERIES sharps container88必发老虎机注册
R Series Sharps Container
R SERIES sharps container88必发老虎机注册
T Series Sharps Container
T SERIES sharps container老虎机注册送8-88彩金
S Series Sharps Container
S Series sharps container老虎机注册送8-88元
B series sharps container
B Series sharps container88必发娱乐老虎机注册
Medical Waste Bag
Medical Waste Bag老虎机注册送88元平台


Sharps container (Sharps containers) protects workers from the potential of being struck by loose and exposed sharps and helps to provide convenient and affordable disposal services to the public.


Sharps include needles, IV tubing with needles attached, scalpel blades, lancets, glass tubes and slides, and syringes. According to international standard, approved sharps container are rigid, leak-proof, puncture resistant, sealed and clearly marked with the bio-hazard symbol.

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The first priority in Sharps container (Sharps containers) development is safety ... for the patients, doctors and for personal disposal. All our sharps containers are designed for safe use, effectively blocking hand access from discarded sharps. Units snap together, permanently locking with tight seams between the base and covers. Walls are puncture resistant, meeting or exceeding international Standards.
For optimum efficiency, we offer a variety of sharps disposal units so the doctors and staff can work with the size that fits the application reducing overall waste. Our units are designed to nest, saving money in shipping and storage.
• Rigid polypropylene construction with handle
• Safe to incinerate and environmentally friendly
• Puncture and impact resistant
• Fluid leak resistant
• Translucent top helps prevent overfilling & injury
• Tough and durable with strong handles
• Secure final lock prevents re-opening
• Needle removable notches at top
• Inter-stackable minimizes storage & ease transportation
• Mountable also on rail, IV pole, bed and trolley


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Quality Assurance注册送8-88彩金老虎机

We hold raw material suppliers and working partners to high expectations. Our service includes us going on-site to providers to conduct inspections throughout their manufacturing processes, while still requiring full QC rigor from them internally.